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Secondary Market Research and B2B Medical Sales

Medical Database
list of doctors in Alberta

Selling to the medical and healthcare industry presents its own unique set of challenges. First of all, it’s an industry based primarily on science, so it’s vital for a sales and marketing team to comprehend the need for accurate information. When targeting medical professionals in Alberta, both primary and secondary research is necessary to get the full story prior to conducting your sales outreach. One incredible resource for both levels of research is MD Select, where you can access a comprehensive list of doctors in Alberta.

Important Sources of Market Research for B2B Sales People

Secondary research tools like an Edmonton doctor’s directory can be cost-effective, easy, and quick ways to gather important information on potential prospects in the medical and healthcare industry. There are many other credible options for people targeting the medical and healthcare industry, including the following:

  • Government datasets
  • Special reports
  • Market research reports
  • Medical and healthcare company websites and collaterals
  • Trade associations and trade press
  • Social media research tools

Using a Business Directory

All of these have their merits. However, for gathering customer intelligence and building lists, subscribing to an Alberta doctors directory is one of – if not THE – most effective tools in Canada. Such directories and databases look at the entire medical and healthcare industry and provide researchers, sales and marketing teams with volumes of exceptional research grade intel on potential clients. MD Select databases include the profile information of over 91,000 doctors, physicians, nurse practitioners, hospital administrators and other credible people working in the industry today.

Lead Generation Activities

Utilizing the list of doctors in Alberta to conduct your lead generation activities in the province is just the most efficient way to get the information you need on local doctors. When conducting secondary research in Edmonton, for example, what better tool to start with than the Edmonton doctor’s directory. It lists all active local doctors with up-to-date contact information and more relevant biographical data that is critical for use in developing highly focused sales presentations. Having access to such a broad range of information allows salespeople to look at their potential market in detail, refining the possible leads that could help elevate sales in the healthcare industry to the next level.

Identifying Key Decision Makers

Put your list of doctors in Alberta to use to identify key decision-makers and administrators that may be worth contacting with your outreach. Research the basic profile information on each doctor you see as a good fit for your products and services. Research details about a hospital or clinic that may align with your product offerings and determine who might be the best contact within those organizations. These detailed databases like the Alberta doctor’s directory are kept current so information is always accurate. This helps you avoid going down wormholes that lead nowhere.

MD Select is designed to help marketers achieve their goals. Subscribe today and accelerate your lead generation efforts in Alberta.

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