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Selling Directly to Doctors Has Never Been Easier

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The ways in which account executives conduct their sales activity has changed in the past decade. The way medical tech and pharma industries conduct their business has changed too, and so has the role doctors play in approving purchases for their clinics or the medical facilities at which they work. Bottom line is, no matter what the industry, no matter what the profession, change is inevitable. In today’s B2B sales environment, you have to embrace the changes that help make it easier to sell to doctors. One way to do that is to subscribe to a comprehensive national online physician directory.

Sell to Doctors Easier and Faster Using MD Select

Selling to doctors used to follow the same process as other sales activities. A rep could drop into a doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital office and catch the doctor to talk about new products or medical equipment that could fulfill a doctor’s need. These interpersonal interactions were critical for B2B sales reps to build relationships, stay connected to physicians, and secure sales designed to grow revenues. If the industry were still operating like that, all a rep would have to do to conduct sales in British Columbia, for example, would be taking out a subscription to a BC physician directory, search for some leads, and drop by to say “hello” with a proposal in hand. Unfortunately, access to physicians is not as open as it used to be.

More practices, clinics, and hospitals are controlling the flow of sales reps through their doors, restricting access to busy doctors, and insulating them from the drop-in sales rep looking to eat up a doctor’s valuable time conducting business. In addition, the process for purchasing medical equipment, supplies, and technology has also changed; individual doctors, hospitals, and clinics have to stretch tighter budgets, reducing acquisition costs when securing maximum value across all purchases for all departments. Finding the right “influencers” within medical organizations is critical, and conducting an Ontario physician search through a comprehensive online medical directory is one way to reach those decision makers. Doctors still hold huge sway in the way money is spent in Canada’s health and medical industry, so reaching them direct and customizing your sales approach is a key tactic to growing your B2B sales. MD Select is a one-of-a-kind database that provides members with details on a broad range of medical experts and organizations.

Better Leads, Better Prospects Using MD Select

More doctors are choosing to forego the risk of running an independent practice, opting instead to work for bigger medical groups or hospitals. In the United States, less than 50 percent of physicians have an ownership stake in their own practice. Finding those doctors regardless of where they are located in Canada is the advantage of using the physician directory offered by MD Select. No matter where they are currently employed, an Ontario physician search through the database will yield thousands of direct contacts for physicians, doctors, and medical practitioners in Ontario. Customize your sales pitch to the doctor based on the information you find in your MD Select BC physician directory and you can quickly turn sales leads into new clients. Discover all the value of a subscription to MD Select.

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