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Significance of Eliminating Common Medical Database Myths

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Medical opinions are just that – opinions. What’s important in the healthcare industry are facts, verified, accepted facts. While opinions can be helpful, you want actions to be driven by facts. The same can be said about choosing the right medical database. There are many opinions about the available platforms and even more myths. Eliminating those myths through analysis is the first step to choosing the right medical directory

Assess the Database Before Subscribing


Evaluating a potential database vendor before you subscribe is a simple smart business. Given what the data you’ll be securing from the medical directory online will be used for, it’s important to know you’re signing on with a Canadian medical directory database provider that has the experience and ability to provide you with what you need. Here are some simple ways to eliminate myths and misconceptions about the medical directory before you buy:

  • Does the vendor bring lessons from other industries? Do they understand the current medical market and nuances of the Canadian healthcare industry? Have they adjusted their products to suit the ever-changing needs of clients? How do they react to things like pandemics in the delivery of their services?
  • Does the data provider update their information regularly? A common myth about medical databases is that they’re not always current. Our top-quality database will be updated several times annually to reflect changes. 
  • Does the vendor have a solid track record of delivering data and services as advertised? A common misconception about database providers is that service disappears once you’ve subscribed. Find out what other clients say about the vendor. Ask for references.
  • Are the costs of ownership worth the price? A myth often expressed about a Canadian medical directory database is that it’s expensive. Expensive is relative: if it provides the data you need to increase sales, then the cost of the vendor’s product may be justified. Clients should expect immediate value given the speed that data is available. 
  • Does the vendor have a long track record? What are their attrition rates when it comes to maintaining long term clients? Is the product supported by a strong IT and sales team that can offer you great customer service?

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Before subscribing to any online medical directory database, you need to do your due diligence to determine if it’s the right one for your needs.  MD Select is the #1 resource in Canada for information on practicing physicians and nurse practitioners across the country, providing contact information and relevant biofacts on over 91,000 professionals including recent medical school graduates. It’s the ideal tool for sales and marketing teams hoping to sell B2B products and services to the healthcare industry.

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