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Stay Updated: How Using a Non-updated Doctor Directory Could Be Perilous To Your Firm

Doctor Directories

Medicines come with an expiry date. So too do online directories that offer information on the medical profession. The fact is, doctors and physicians often move their practices or switch facilities. If you’re a B2B marketer utilizing online information to conduct your research and pitch to doctors, you better be sure you can trust the source. If you’re not 100 percent sure, you should subscribe to MD Select, the ultimate doctor directory.

Staying updated on the potential prospects you’re targeting for your B2B sales and marketing activity is critical, whether you’re using an Alberta doctor directory or a doctor directory Ontario. Building your strategies using a doctor directory that isn’t updated on a regular basis could cause a whole list of problems. For starters, if you don’t have accurate information on whether or not a physician you’re targeting is still working at a particular clinic, sending your proposal there is not only a waste of time, but it also leaves you with a credibility problem. Whoever winds up with your proposal will quickly be able to determine you haven’t done your homework; they’re very unlikely to field your calls or book appointments to hear your pitch if they think you’re not thorough in your sales approach. Your proposal could also wind up in the wrong hands, giving someone else confidential information or insight into your sales proposal. That could be damaging to your company and to you as a sales representative.

Don’t waste time searching through incomplete or out-of-date listings. With the MD Select doctor directory, you’ll be starting with Canada’s most comprehensive information available through a premium database of Canadian medical professionals across the country. Conduct your targeted research using this resource-rich platform and you can build successful sales presentations with information you know is accurate and current. It’s the best way to ensure your B2B activities will be successful in researching the high-income decision makers in the medical industry.

Your subscription includes access to over 91,000 medical doctors, physicians and specialists across the country, with information updated to include current address, telephone number, medical specialties and sub-specialties, medical interests, degrees and fellowships. You can even discover the number of prescriptions a doctor issues every day; think how that kind of detailed information can help you build stronger B2B sales presentations.

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