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Developments in B2B Healthcare Marketing
The healthcare industry is pretty competitive, recording massive growth yearly. The spending in the healthcare industry increases by millions of dollars every year. However, thousands of brands compete with each other for every cent the industry has to offer. Based on this, some B2B healthcare marketers may find it challenging to get the traction t...
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Driving Sales with Location-Based Ads Most businesses ensure that internet users can access their websites from around the world. For instance, a business person in China can access a small eCommerce site in Denver. Even if the website is an English-only site, it could become an international business by default. Therefore, many marketers take adv...
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Selling SaaS To The Healthcare Industry
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Selling SaaS To The Healthcare Industry
Software as a service (Saas) is an innovation where software is accessed online through subscription. It is a software licensing and delivery method that doesn't require software to be installed on a computer. At the moment, the SaaS market looks promising. Statistics show it has an estimated 18% annual growth rate, with about 99% of businesses ado...
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Unexpected Factors when Selling to Physicians
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The medical sales market is not as it used to be, and it has become increasingly challenging for businesses. Some factors have hindered the ease of accessibility to physicians to make direct sales. And a large majority of physicians are not in the position to accept products and services as there is a decreasing amount of independent practices. The...
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