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The Challenges of B2B Medical Marketing

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The healthcare sector is becoming more attractive in terms of investment for B2C and B2B companies as the sector is increasingly expanding. While other sectors show expansion and contraction phases as they follow general market trends, the healthcare sector doesn’t. It guarantees insignificant loss and stable growth as it positions itself against market trends regardless of the phase. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the worldwide healthcare sector is valued at $4.2 billion, according to reliable healthcare directories.

Challenges of B2B Medical Marketers

The basic structure across all marketing programs has similar foundational pillars such as content, SEO, buyer’s personas, buyer’s journey, etc. But regardless of how successful the healthcare sector is, B2B marketers encounter several challenges that affect their marketing campaigns. According to some reliable medical database companies, these challenges also affect medical businesses in several ways. Some of the challenges they face include the following:

Lengthy Sales Process

It’s normal for the average consumer to make purchasing decisions promptly. The average consumer doesn’t have to spend months deliberating the products to buy. But this differs for B2B healthcare businesses. Every purchase is carefully considered and researched, regardless of what’s being purchased. Everything must be discussed and decided on, from hospital beds, stethoscopes, and dialysis machines to nurses’ uniforms.

Some decisions might even need the backing of valuable information from a reputable healthcare directory before a concrete decision can be made. Most times, it takes up to 18 months or more for healthcare enterprises to make sales. Therefore, as a healthcare B2B marketer, you must ensure you keep your clients engaged in every stage of their purchasing journey.

Speed of The Healthcare Industry

Many believe the pace at which things change in the healthcare sector is slow. In fact, statistics reveal that marketing in the healthcare industry is about two years behind. The main cause of this is that healthcare businesses deal with people’s health. Because people’s lives depend on the healthcare sector, marketing in the industry is different.

HIPAA and Other Regulations

Marketing for hospitals and other healthcare services was illegal until the 1970s. It took several years of appeals for the medical boards to decide if it was ethical. Today, the issue of regulation is still a challenge in medical B2B marketing, as there are restrictions challenging medical marketing.


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