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The Difference Between B2B and B2C Healthcare Marketing

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The ultimate goal of marketing is to promote awareness of your products or services to your target audience. Whether that’s B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer) marketing depends on who that target may be. When trying to sell products or services in Nova Scotia, the tactics you use for B2B marketing will be different that B2C. Regardless, the best way to target doctors is by accessing a subscription to a Nova Scotia physician directory.


Healthcare marketing is a challenge no matter what audience you’re targeting. With B2B healthcare marketing sales reps typically target healthcare organizations or medical professionals who may own their own practice, whereas B2C marketing would be directed toward end users of medical products and services like patients. Using a Nova Scotia doctors directory is a great way for healthcare marketers to generate strong lead lists of doctors and physicians, nurse practitioners, clinics, hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

The MD Select database includes a comprehensive list of doctors in Nova Scotia that includes name, graduating university, medical specialty and much more. These are the B2B targets that expect to learn important facts about your products and services. These are people used to dealing in facts, which is why healthcare B2B targets look for the seller to provide accurate and informative content. As you develop your marketing outreach strategy designed to target your B2B leads, you will have to include informative content that’s relevant to their individual needs.

There’s a long sales cycle in B2B selling to the healthcare and medical profession, so B2B marketers should recognize the important of building personal relationships with their prospective customers. Like a patient/doctor relationship, the seller/client relationship has to be built on trust. You can develop trust quickly when you build your marketing pitch using the data you gathered searching your Nova Scotia physician directory. The more personalized your proposal is the better your chances of connecting with your target.

With B2C healthcare marketing, your goal is to get consumers to purchase your product or service. It’s much more transactional than the B2B healthcare marketing you would be doing to connect with doctors or the medical organizations for which they work. A buyer’s journey usually ends with a purchase, whereas the B2B relationship with clients who have contracts with you is nurtured and developed over longer periods of time.

B2B buying decision usually involve multiple levels of approval and longer periods. For example, the approval process for buying new medical devices at a hospital may involve everyone from the first doctor you met with through a department head, an acquisitions manager, a financial officer or accountant, and possibly even a CEO. B2C marketing is a much shorter process; a consumer sees your ad and makes a decision based on their own needs to purchase your product.


Engaging your customers can only be done successfully if you target their needs and their areas of interest, whether you’re conducting B2B or B2C marketing. For B2B healthcare marketing, use your list of doctors in Nova Scotia to gain valuable insights into your prospective leads. Subscribe to MD Select and start building better B2B marketing programs that target medical and healthcare professionals.

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