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The Different Aspects of the Medical B2B Market

Canadian medical directory database

In the grocery industry all you have to do is look on the shelves of your typical Metro or Sobeys to see the huge volume of product categories available. There are many different aspects to the medical B2B market that are equally compelling. Marketing different products naturally requires different marketing strategies, and those can be enhanced by incorporating into your efforts use of a Canadian medical directory database.

The Many Categories of the Medical B2B Market

There is no end to the number of pharmaceutical products available. Given their purpose, it’s also no surprise that the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most highly regulated and strictly controlled industries in not only Canada but around the world. We’ve all heard the rapid-fire disclaimers tagged on to the end of every television commercial promoting new medical products and treatments. Half the time the side-effects are worse than the actual illness the products were designed to help. When it comes to marketing, there are as many different strategies as there are categories, and subscribing to a Canadian medical database like MD Select is an exceptional building block for developing those strategies.

Here are just a few of the product categories B2B sales people are marketing to individuals and companies servicing the medical and healthcare industry.

  • Non-prescription drugs. From aspirins to cold medicines, these are things consumers want to have immediately when needed. They are as common at grocery stores as they are at pharmacies. Even an average corner variety sells aspirin and headache meds.
  • Prescription drugs. These are the drugs that should only be taken under the direction of a credible physician. From antibiotics to prescription opioids, these are the most commonly consumed drugs in the world.
  • Government required pharma. COVID-19 has certainly revealed the market for government-enforced vaccines. Other drugs specifically designed to treat things like diabetes and cancer are often mandated to be available on a wide scale.

      As a B2B salesperson, you have to develop not only your strategies for marketing such products, but also determine where to find the best possible leads. One of the best tools for lead generation is MD Select, home of the best Canadian medical directory online. The database contains over 91,000 profiles of active doctors, nurses, physicians, medical administrators, clinicians and more. For a B2B sales rep, it’s like having a direct pipeline of leads you can direct into your sales funnel to keep new business flowing.

      Developing effective campaigns directed to big pharma requires an understanding of both marketing and the pharma industry. That industry is constantly changing, and new products and categories are always emerging. Using a Canadian medical directory database, a motivated B2B sales professional can continue to find the best leads to help find buyers for their products and services, whether they’re new to the market or long-established products. The goal of the B2B sales rep targeting the medical and pharma industry is, after all, to sell things. Make it easy by using MD Select.

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