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The Importance of Knowing Your Physician Demographics

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Demographics are a key lens through which marketers analyze their potential customers. By studying groups of people who share the same age, gender, income level, or profession, marketers can understand their purchasing habits and visual preferences. They use this data to design highly specific ads that speak directly to their target market. If you don’t know your demographics, then you risk wasting your advertising budget on ineffective and overly generalized ads.

When you’re selling products and services to physicians and hospitals, you should use a physician directory to target the right demographics for your business.

Generational Differences

Consider how powerful it could be to give your sales team access to an Ontario physician search that allows them to search by graduation year. Now they can sort out prospective clients by generation, separating younger doctors who are fresh out of school from older doctors who have been practicing for decades.

You might assume that all doctors will understand and buy into the same pitch if they have the same need for your product or service. But when you think of it this way—separating prospects by generation—it becomes obvious that each generation needs a very different pitch.

Salespeople can adapt their pitches to the Boomer generation by talking about their unique buying habits, and they can change their language when it comes to Millennial doctors. A physician directory for Ontario is the key to creating customized pitches by age range.

Income Level

Not all doctors take home the same salary. Some doctors are happy to accept a lower annual salary for a placement in a more rural hospital, for instance. This person may have the same medical specialty as a doctor located in a highly populated urban center but their salaries will be very different.

It’s crucial to include income level in your prospect evaluation process. You can find this information or geographic information that allows you to infer salary inside a physician directory. By offering them a product that’s in their budget and provides real value, you increase the chances of making a sale.

MD Select has all the information you need to segment your prospects by demographic. Make your advertising budget go farther and help your salespeople close deals faster with a physician directory. Don’t waste money or time on ineffective outreach. Get access to a database and get ready to see those sales numbers skyrocket. Check out the physician directory that will make a difference to your bottom line.

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