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Looking for a prescription for your lagging B2B sales of medical or pharmaceutical products? Try targeting hospitals. In the U.S. hospitals account for nearly a third of the $3 trillion spent annually on healthcare. In Ontario, it is estimated that hospital expenditures average $1,793 Canadian per person. The opportunity hospitals present for B2B sales is lucrative. If you’re targeting the Quebec market, you can start by subscribing to a Quebec physician directory.

Selling to Hospitals with Help from MD Select

There are always challenges to being a B2B sales rep targeting the healthcare and medical industry. Long sales cycles, layers of decision-makers, fluctuating budgets, and constantly emerging new processes and technologies make it a volatile industry for a salesperson. And yet, it’s also flush with cash. Getting your sales pitch in front of the people who can make the purchase decision is important. By subscribing to MD Select, you gain access to the Quebec doctor directory containing thousands of profiles on doctors, physicians, medical specialists, and nurse practitioners along with medical facility and clinic administrators. These are the influencers who often control large budgets. Searching through the medical database Quebec will give you the key contact information to cut your prospecting time substantially. The less time you waste trying to find out who the best contact in a hospital might be the better.

Clinicians such as doctors and nurses hold great sway in hospital environments. They’re the front-line essential workers who are often the best advocates for products, equipment, and services. Finding ways to connect with such individuals in hospitals is easier when you have access to a Quebec physician directory. Searching through the comprehensive information on the database allows you to narrow your search and target very specific individuals. Search ER nurses in Montreal and you’ll generate a list; search anesthesiologists in Sherbrooke and you’ll generate another. Knowing the target market for your products or services allows you to better target your potential hospital clients.

Avoid Miscues by Doing Research Through MD Select

Customizing your sales pitch to your pre-determined audience is an important strategy no matter what industry you’re targeting. In the healthcare industry, it’s even more important. Hospital administrators are busy individuals. It’s often hard to get an audience with them, so it’s vital that your use your Quebec doctor directory to conduct intense research prior to meeting with your intended target. Chances are you’ll have one shot to make your pitch, so it better be the right one. Healthcare workers deal in numbers and facts, so be sure to include relevant information; an evidence-based sales proposal is much better than one that simply talks about price. Doctors and physicians deal in life and death, so it’s not always about cost. Remember, time is a precious commodity to healthcare workers, so be brief and effective.

MD Select offers many different subscription packages and multi-license options. This tool can empower your sales and marketing team in their efforts to conduct B2B sales in the Quebec market and other markets across the country.

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