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Tips for Following Up on B2B Leads

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You’ve taken all the steps towards improving your medical marketing. You’ve identified your targets, created a buyer persona, activated all the elements of your plan for lead generation, and now you have a fantastic list of prospects you’re ready to connect with. There’s only one piece of the plan missing: what steps do you take after you’re established first contact with the leads you’ve generated? If you’re targeting Alberta, start by subscribing to MD Select to access their Calgary doctors directory.

MD Select’s Database

It’s not enough to simply generate leads. Using MD Select, you can search a variety of online directories, including an Edmonton doctors directory or a complete list of doctors in Alberta. By accessing the MD Select database you have endless search capabilities to research the profiles of over 91,000 medical professionals working in Alberta and across Canada, including name, address, contact info, area of medical expertise and much more. It’s the perfect lead generation tool for B2B marketers targeting medical and healthcare clients in Alberta. Your initial outreach to these leads is going to establish a critical first impression of you, your products, and/or the services you’re hoping to sell to these high-value clients. However, it’s how you follow up that’s going to determine how successful you are at converting these amazing leads into clients.

Finding Leads

B2B marketers use a variety of different tactics to harvest leads. There’s no one perfect formula that guarantees success. Many sales reps make the mistake thinking that gathering more leads automatically means more sales. That’s only partially true. Without crafting a plan to follow up with your leads, your sales will continue to suffer. No client is over eager to give you their money; you have to earn it by establishing the value of your product or service. That requires persistence and ongoing effort.

Many of your best leads – the ones that will form the core of your annual sales – aren’t always ready to buy when you’re knocking on their door ready to sell. Here’s how you build those relationships with the physician and medical professionals you find using your Calgary doctors directory or your Edmonton doctors directory.

Engage Prospects

Find ways to engage your prospects on their terms. Find out how they prefer to receive communications. Do they like email? Phone calls? Face-to-face meetings. Due diligence will help you discover the preferred mechanism to use for following up with each lead.

Get the Intel

Search your client website for intel on their business, their current activities, the people who interact with their website, and their priorities. Research them on Google or other search engines. Engage with their social media, and discover how they interact. All of these bits of information will help you formulate strategies on how to follow up.

Follow Up

Do not wait too long to follow up. Timing is everything. Businesses that follow up quickly after an initial interaction have a significantly higher success rate in converting leads into customers.

Great Customer Service

Kill them with kindness. Great customer service is still important when building relationships with clients. Know your client inside and out. Find out what makes them happy. Send a gift or a thank you note. Ask them questions about their business. Show genuine interest in their success. All these little things add up when clients start to think of which reps they want to use.

Solve Their Problems

Use analytics to understand what problems you can help solve with your products and services. With the right data you can craft better strategies to follow up. Use A/B testing when conducting email campaigns to see what words resonate. Incorporate psychology into your research so you better understand client needs.

Subscribe to MD Select to Help Grow Leads and Increase Sales

To follow up with clients, you do have to find them first. When targeting medical sales in Alberta, the list of doctors in Alberta is a great lead generation tool. Establish your lists, then build strategies that help you follow up with confidence. Contact MD Select to learn more about our database.

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