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Tips for Overcoming Business Challenges

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Every business has its challenges. Economic downturns, human resources, regulatory compliance, new competition, and the occasional pandemic, all have a way of challenging businesses. When you’re a B2B salesperson targeting the medical and healthcare industry in Saskatchewan, you have your own unique challenges. One way to help overcome them is through a subscription to a Saskatchewan medical directory.

Use These Tips to Meet Challenges to Your B2B Healthcare Sales Goals

The most common challenges are not always the easiest ones for a business to overcome; however, there are plenty of good examples of tactics to employ to ensure your business meets the challenge. Here are just a few of the challenges that can be addressed with a subscription to a Saskatchewan doctors directory.

Finding customers

This is critical to every business. Attrition happens, which reduces your customer base. They move on for many reasons; better selection, better price, maybe even service issues. Regardless of the reason, finding new customers is a major challenge. Strategies must be developed to find new ones. That could mean investing more in marketing, developing better inbound content, publishing a newsletter, or better networking. All effort must be applied to finding new customers.

Building an email list

Strategies that help you compile the emails of potential customers are critical. With an email list you can communicate with all contacts who have opted-in to receive communications from your business. If you are targeting doctors, you can generate a list of great prospects using your list of doctors in Saskatchewan. Once you have determined the most qualified prospects on that list, you can start to develop a strategy for building your email list. Regular communications with names on the list will help build credibility and help you educate them on the merits of your products and services.

Lead generation

This is another critical way to overcome business challenges. Generating new leads is critical to increasing sales. Using the Saskatchewan medical directory, for example, gives you access to thousands of doctors, nurses, medical and healthcare professionals in the industry. You can develop your outreach to these individuals and grow sales. New digital platforms like MD Select can help you overcome the inherent challenges of lead generation. So can optimizing your website with improved SEO tactics.

Managing Workflow

This can be a major challenge for businesses. Without proper process businesses can collapse under the weight of their own success. Empower your staff to help them overcome roadblocks. Survey them for input. Conduct employee reviews. Host regular brainstorming meetings. Make them feel valued. Ensure meetings are productive and start on time. Implement policies designed to help avoid burnout.


This is a common problem with all areas of business. Companies that push growth at all costs often develop HR issues, overworking current staff and not having plans for succession hires or new hires. It can also make customer service suffer. Focusing on the right aspects of your business and implementing proper planning can help you prepare for scaling up and scaling down when necessary.

MD Select

Selling to medical and healthcare professionals is challenging. Overcome many of the challenges with a subscription to MD Select. Gain access to over 91,000 profiles of medical professionals across Canada.

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