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Transform Your Business with a Medical Directory

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In a competitive B2B sales environment, you need every advantage you can get to grow sales and increase revenues. As an emerging focus for marketers, B2B e-commerce is a game-changer; salespeople targeting health and life sciences organizations as well as healthcare professionals like doctors, physicians, and nurse practitioners are growing more savvy by embracing digital platforms to improve efficiency. One of the best tools a sales rep aiming for success can utilize is a comprehensive online medical database.

Gain the B2B Advantage When Selling to Health Care

Sales in 2020 are extremely different than they were even in 2010. A large percentage of B2B buyer/seller relationships occur without human interaction. That is an enormous leveling of the playing field, as sales reps with personality, fantastic interpersonal skills, and other “intangible” qualities are hard to differentiate when communicating digitally. It’s important then to make a fantastic first impression with your proposals and utilizing the data found in a medical directory Canada database like MD Select is a great way to do that. B2B sales reps targeting healthcare professionals, medical organizations, hospitals, and clinics need to provide seamless interaction across all levels of their client interaction. That includes:

  • Marketing outreach
  • Introduction of products and/or services
  • Sales process
  • Post-sale service

Knowing the target is critical to developing the strategies required to effectively address those four pillars of interaction. With a subscription to a Canadian medical directory like MD Select, you get vital, up to date information on over 91,000 medical professionals. Within that comprehensive data set are multiple ways to prospect for new business, generate leads, and mine relevant information on doctors, physicians, and nurse practitioners across the country. It’s a gold mine for B2B sellers looking to transform their business from an average producer to a high-volume juggernaut. The global medical device market alone is expected to reach $409 billion by 2023, and the Canadian market offers a lucrative opportunity for B2B businesses targeting the medical industry to reap some of that volume. Use the database and start targeting active individuals in the medical industry, including:

  • Practicing physicians
  • Recent medical school graduates
  • Information on thousands of physicians that move every year
  • Over 3,000 GPS and specialists that start practices annually

MD Select Is the Ideal Tool for Sales and Marketing Teams

You sales reps are tasked with transforming your business by growing sales. Empower them with a subscription to MD Select and set them loose searching the medical database for doctors and administrators who can green light purchase of your products. It is also a great resource for medical placement firms looking to find the right doctors for organizations across Canada, as well as clinics, hospitals, and insurance companies. MD Select, one of the many great products from Scott’s Directories.

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