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Turning Data into Sales

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When it comes to maximizing your sales efforts and increasing your sales growth while targeting B2B clients in the healthcare and medical industry, maximizing the value of your existing customers while attracting new ones is critical to your success. Implementing a data-driven approach to sales will help make that happen, and so will subscribing to MD Select, home to the Alberta doctors directory.


The goal of collecting data on your potential prospects is a simple one; you turn the data you collect into insights on your potential prospects. With the right insight found in your Alberta physicians directory, you can develop laser-focused sales pitches customized to your target audience. That can’t happen without researching the right data, and MD Select has the right data for sales teams targeting medical and healthcare professionals. In order to secure a sale, you have to prove your product or services has the ability to solve a problem or offer a solution to a potential client’s needs. Before you can do that, you have to determine what those problems or needs might be, and that’s where data comes in. You need data to be able to predict, observe or influence customer behaviour. A CRM system like MD Select can help you gather the data you need to be able to do just that. With the ability to better anticipate the needs of your potential customers, you can create repeatable success with your prospects no matter where they are. MD Select offers users not only an Alberta doctors directory, but also an online physician directory Ontario and multiple other databases from which you can collect exceptional datasets and generate leads.

Data-driven sales are cost-effective and help take the guess-work out of lead generation efforts. Searching through MD Select, you can find the ideal targets for your sales pitch and customize your content to suit their needs. The more relevant your information is to a potential prospect, the more likely those prospects are to share their contact information with you when you conduct your initial marketing outreach. Getting doctors and physicians to opt-in to receiving your messages is half the battle. Your MD Select subscription gives you access to demographic data that can help you craft the right pitch every time.


Analyzing data helps your sales team determine the most qualified leads, the ones that are most likely to become customers with the right sales approach. Sales professionals can become more effective and efficient at their jobs when they are using data to determine the best method of marketing outreach. It also helps your B2B teams develop more personalized, customer-focused sales approaches and provides critical building blocks for effective content marketing programs. Subscribing to MD Select gives users access to over 91,000 profiles on medical and healthcare professionals working across Canada. The data found online in these comprehensive databases is accurate and regularly updated, so you can be certain your lead generations strategies are productive.

Good, clean data is a foundational building block for strong sales. Find all you need when you subscribe to MD Select.

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