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Unexpected Factors when Selling to Physicians

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The medical sales market is not as it used to be, and it has become increasingly challenging for businesses. Some factors have hindered the ease of accessibility to physicians to make direct sales. And a large majority of physicians are not in the position to accept products and services as there is a decreasing amount of independent practices. The sales market for companies is more challenging in that regard, but there are ways around these factors including using a physician directory.

What are the Factors?

Businesses face unexpected factors when trying to sell to physicians, but a physician directory is a great way to navigate these factors. In an article by Carol K Kane, she notes that “2016 was the first year when less than half (47.1 percent) of patient care physicians had an ownership stake in their practice (Exhibit 1). This marked a decline of around four percentage points from 2014 when 50.8 percent of physicians were owners”.


Over the years, physicians have had less control over buying services and products due to a lack of ownership. This means that clinics and hospitals have direct control over medical sales, making it more challenging for businesses. Forming a personal relationship with physicians is not as easy, but using a physician directory in Canada is a good way to do so.

Cost Reduction

Going to a hospital or clinic directly, even a physician, to sell a service or product is quite different than it was a few years ago. More and more, cost reduction and improved outcomes are at the forefront of medical professionals’ minds. This means that they are buying for the price in comparison to other competitors’ offers.

Strategies to Navigate these Factors

Don’t underestimate the role physicians play in decision-making.

Even if a physician is not in the position to make a direct purchase of a product or service, they may still influence the decision. Getting in touch with a physician through a physician database is an easy way to do this. The database provides detailed information on over 91 000 medical professionals. The information available is more extensive than just contact information and is a great way to gain insight into the physician and their role.

Be credible

When looking to make a sale to medical professionals, understanding small details about the place of work is essential. Using a physician database to garner relevant information is a great tool to do this. First interactions can make or break a deal. With the right knowledge, it is more likely that a sale will be made with the right knowledge. Considering the type of practice and the usefulness of the product or service offered will save both parties time.

MD Select

At MD Select, we offer the best physician directory in Canada. This access is extremely useful for businesses in the medical sales market. We can help you achieve your sales goals by reaching over 91,000 medical professionals. To learn more and contact us, visit our website and speak to a team member.

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