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Useful Medical B2B Statistics Part 1

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The medical profession loves data, and sitting at the core of that insatiable need for digital information are statistics. Statistics give form and context to things happening in the medical and healthcare industry. B2B marketers also love statistical data, because it helps them build strategic marketing plans that can effectively target the right people. Here are a few compelling stats for B2B marketers gearing up to generate leads using MD Select’s medical database.

  • No matter how fresh and insightful you think your sales pitch will be to your intended target, chances are they already know about your product or service. That’s because over 70 percent of medical buyers are already conducting their own search for the products and services they need, and most are as far as 90 percent down the purchase cycle before they connect with a vendor like you.
  • Your best option is to develop strong content marketing that engages potential targets you find using your online medical database from MD Select.
    As face-paced and technologically advanced as the medical industry can be, conducting B2B sales to professionals in the industry is a long and arduous process. Only 43 percent of sales to healthcare and medical industry targets are completed within the first six months of connecting with your target, and over 20 percent take as long as a year. Patience is definitely required for B2B sales in this sector; it’s also another reason why subscribing to a medical doctor database to keep leads in the funnel is vital to salespeople targeting the industry.
  • Content marketing rules in B2B sales aimed at medical and health organizations. Over 80 percent of health organizations are relying on content marketing strategies to generate leads and grow sales. Content developers are as critical to good marketing as skilled doctors are to successful surgeries. Start developing your content strategies.
  • If you’re selling cutting edge medical technology to doctors, clinics and hospitals, you’re in a very lucrative sector. Over 50 percent of hospitals have integrated at least three connected health technologies into the systems used to run their facilities, and nearly 50 percent will be expanding use of that technology in the very near future. Medical tech companies looking to generate qualified leads should quickly subscribe to the MD Select medical database to gain access to over 91,000 professional profiles of doctors, nurses, specialists and key administrators who can greenlight purchase of your products.
  • Given the importance of your website as a public source of information on your brand, it’s vital to ensure it’s scaled for us on all mobile devices. A fully responsive website will reduce bounce from your website. Today over 80 percent of the top websites are fully mobile adaptive. Don’t encourage potential mobile customers to leave your site. Spend the money to ensure your site is fully optimized for responsiveness and fast load times.

All these statistics point to one important fact. Subscribing to MD Select’s medical doctor database is an important tool for searching high-value leads in the medical and healthcare industry. Once you use the online medical database to generate a strong list of potential prospects, you have to be aware of the challenges – and the effective tactics – to be successful. Learn more about MD Select.

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