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Useful Medical B2B Statistics Part 2

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Digging into the statistics generated in the medical and healthcare industry is a good way for B2B marketing and sales teams to gain insights. Having comprehensive statistical information on the industry helps them build strategic marketing plans that can effectively target the right people. Here are a few compelling stats for B2B marketers gearing up to generate leads using MD Select’s doctors directory.

  • The cost of acquiring a credible sales lead can be high. In the healthcare industry, it’s astronomically high – on average $60 to generate a single B2B sales lead. That’s why subscribing to MD Select is such a great tool, especially for those using the BC doctor directory to target west coast professionals. MD Select lowers the cost of lead generation.
  • Doctors write prescriptions, but it seems B2B healthcare marketers are writing much content. While 74 percent of all marketers use blogs in their digital content marketing programs, just under 60 percent of healthcare marketers are generating compelling blog content to entice and attract doctors and other potential clients in the industry. There is a high ROI on such digital marketing tactics, and smart medical marketers would be wise to find someone who can generate such important marketing content.
  • Despite being a place where people gather, hospitals aren’t very social – at least not online. Only 26 percent of hospitals in the U.S. have active social media profiles, despite most of their staff being on social media. On the other hand, two out of three doctors use social media professionally, which is a great opportunity for marketers who want to reach them using digital content strategies.
  • Medical and healthcare industry professionals have always relied on visual images to inform people. That trend is not changing. Nearly 70 percent of healthcare buyers will rely on video to compare products and demonstrate how products are used. Marketers targeting doctors using the MD Select online doctor directory Ontario should consider a strong video marketing strategy to sell products.
  • The search is on. Over 80 percent of hospital administrators will contact a healthcare vendor as a result of a direct search. Healthcare buyers are also utilizing mobile technology more and more to do their research. Nearly 40 percent will read product reviews on their phone. Another 34 percent will request more information after reading up on a product or service online. They also like to read peer reviews of products and services before buying, often relying on testimonials to help sway their buying decision. Word of mouth is still a strong influencer – even if the influence comes from an online connection.

For B2B marketers, using the doctors directory available with a subscription to MD Select is an exceptional way to generate high-value leads in the medical and healthcare profession. Using the BC doctor directory, for example, any marketer or B2B sales rep can quickly generate a strong lead list of potential prospects in British Columbia. Analyzing statistics will also help provide information that can be quickly used to develop well-focused proposals. Learn more about MD Select and how marketers are using it to generate sales to the healthcare industry.

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