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Using LinkedIn and Directories for Physician Data

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For B2B marketers targeting doctors and physicians, lead generation is a critical function. Gone are the days of endless cold calling and telephone directories, replaced instead by digital platforms like MD Select and social media. In tandem, using MD Select along with LinkedIn can be a great strategy for developing qualified lead lists of high-value prospects, especially when using tools like MD Select’s BC doctor directory.

Using Directories

Creating a focused B2B marketing strategy that targets Alberta is easy when you subscribe to MD Select, where you’ll find a Calgary doctors directory, an Ontario doctor directory, and many other provincially focused databases. These databases offer comprehensive profiles on thousands of doctors, physicians, nurse practitioners, medical facility administrators, and other key contacts. No matter where you want to focus your B2B lead generation efforts, MD Select offers an affordable, up-to-date database of medical and healthcare professionals. It’s a great starting place to being your outreach. LinkedIn can also be an exceptional tool for finding physician data and other B2B company contacts.

Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers two primary areas of opportunity for B2B healthcare marketers looking to connect. B2B marketers can take advantage of LinkedIn advertising offers to drive traffic to company websites or customized landing pages with unique URLs designed to track marketing impact. This helps increase brand awareness with potential customers already online searching for products and services related to their healthcare and medical needs. The second LinkedIn opportunity includes organic outreach and content, using the platform to post your blogs, send direct messages to individuals or medical groups you identify as leads, and trying to connect with people who can help grow your network. People on LinkedIn are, in most cases, looking to make professional connections and not use the platform in the manner a typical TikTok user might.

Physician Sales Cycles

Sales cycles for B2B healthcare companies are often longer than for other products, so relying on just a paid strategy for LinkedIn may be expensive. Combining both paid and organic tactics with use of your BC doctor directory, Calgary doctors directory, or Ontario doctor directory will help enhance the overall impact of your marketing outreach efforts. As Canada’s #1 source of profile and contact information on practicing doctors, physicians, medical specialists, hospital administrators and other high-value prospects working in Canada’s medical and healthcare industry, MD Select is a perfect tool to have in your arsenal when developing lead generation strategies. Whether you’re selling pharmaceuticals, equipment, or cutting-edge software, MD Select helps you target affectively and affordably. Combine the information you get from MD Select with information you get from your LinkedIn efforts and you’ll have a great foundation on which to build your marketing outreach.

When it comes to B2B healthcare advertising on LinkedIn, there are a variety of demographic targets you can aim for. From biotech and pharmaceuticals to health, wellness and fitness targets, you can easily search through the platform to target leads. The same goes for MD Select, where you have 35 different search options to narrow your lead list down to qualified contacts. Sales reps need all the help they can get, and with a subscription to MD Select you’re getting a running start.

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