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Using Technology to Update the B2B Sales Process

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Finding ways to improve the B2B sales process is critical for reps in every industry, but even more so when targeting the medical and healthcare industry. The goal is always to make meaningful connections so you can nurture the relationship throughout the entire sales cycle. Although it’s not easy to keep up with all the multiple platforms and advances that make such goals achievable, technology has helped improve many processes by providing exceptional tools. One such example is the MD Select online medical database.


The days of sales being a straight forward transactional buy-sell process are over. Today’s customers are helping drive a growing trend towards personalization of the entire sales experience. To separate clients from their money, a sales professionals has to make them feel valued and supported. The stats back that up. Nearly 70 percent of customers in B2B sales are lost due to a lack of customized, personal support. The value placed on service is growing, which is why subscribing to MD Select’s list of doctors in Canada is a smart move for sales professionals targeting the industry. Doctors, nurses, physicians and medical practitioners are no different than any other client looking for a journey of experience prior to signing contracts for your products and services. Using the technology supplied by medical database companies like MD Select helps B2B sales reps mine the data they need to start a personalized sales experience. It’s rather simple really: if you don’t know your clients, you can’t possibly be a credible voice when trying to sell to them. You need to analyse the information you find in the online medical database to determine the reasons a prospect might have to buy what you’re selling.

Online medical databases aside, technology has continued to influence purchases and B2B selling in the healthcare industry. For example, cloud-based CRM systems allow B2B sales reps to gain access to critical data whenever and wherever they can. Such cloud-based platforms keep B2B sales reps up-to-date with information and systems that allow them to be more efficient so they can concentrate on selling rather than administration. The increased reliance on data – and the analytics industry it has created – has also lead to more targeted prospecting, which is the best reason to subscribe to an online medical database like MD Select. Finding good fitting leads for sales of your medical products and services is much easier when you’ve got access to the profiles of over 91,000 medical professionals found on MD Select.


Sales used to involve a lot of manual labour; scouring the Yellow Pages and newspaper for sales leads, cold calling clients with who you have no prior relationships, scheduling calls, researching prospects through a number of different medical journals and listings. It was exhausting for a B2B sales rep and extremely counterproductive. If there’s one significant way technology has helped transform B2B sales it’s through exceptional automation tools. From personalized email templates to digital enewsletters and other inbound marketing tools, technology has helped turn sales reps into data-driven relationship builders who understand the importance of personalized sales methods.

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