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Why Clean Data Is Essential to Making Sales

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Data management is complicated, time consuming, and rarely a top priority; most companies are too busy conducting business to worry about keep databases updated and current. However, when dirty data becoming a deterrent to growing sales and maintaining effective B2B relationships with your clients in the medical and healthcare sector, then it’s time to clean up your act. Start by subscribing to MD Select, where you can access the Canadian medical directory.


If there’s one thing that’s crucial to the medical and healthcare industry it’s cleanliness. You wouldn’t want to be prepped for surgery only to walk in to find your surgeon covered in his last patient’s insides. When it comes to database companies, the only valuable ones are companies that maintain clean data. What’s the point of subscribing to a service that’s promising you great lead generation tools only to find out the data is outdated? MD Select’s medical directory Canada is an essential part of any B2B marketing strategy, because it’s free of inaccurate, inconsistent, missing, and incomplete data.

Let’s be clear. No matter what product or service you’re trying to market to medical and healthcare professionals, not every single contact in the database is going to be a perfect fit for what you’re selling. It’s up to you to do the research to determine your ideal customer profile, then search the Canadian medical directory online to find the right prospects. However, what sets MD Select apart is the certainty with which you can trust the data.

The value of MD Select is that we update the data quarterly and complete regular verifications throughout the year. Like a doctor before surgery, we scrub the data to ensure it’s clean, removing any outdate content that could potentially waste the time of any subscriber using it.

We want to provide subscribers to the Canadian medical directory with the cleanest data possible. Searching a database containing inaccurate information can lengthen the sales cycle an average of 8 to 14 percent. That’s not acceptable given the already long sales cycle that exists in B2B marketing to medical and healthcare professionals. There are many reasons why clean data available through MD Select’s Canadian medical directory can add significant value to your sales and marketing efforts.

  • Using such digital data is a great way to help optimize your lead generation efforts. If the data you were accessing were inaccurate or outdated, it would result in inefficient marketing outreach. Clean data can help you reach the best high-value prospects. By utilizing the information, you can also craft the right message for the targets you’re tracking.
  •  Your medical directory Canada allows you to analyze behavioural data, biographical information, and other relevant pieces of information. There are over 91,000 medical profiles of doctors, surgeons, medical specialists, nurse practitioners, hospital administrators, medical clinic operators and more available in the database. This information can be used as the building blocks for your marketing outreach. Knowing it’s clean and accurate ensures you’re using more complete data.
  • Using clean data leads to much higher conversion rates. Searching the Canadian medical database gives you instant access to thousands of potential leads. However, it’s the research you conduct using that data that helps you narrow your focus to find the very best prospects. It’s easier to convert a lead to a sale when your outreach is highly focused to the needs of the potential client, and using clean data helps make that happen.


Using the clean data found on MD Select, you can ensure the flow of accurate information will result in more leads and higher sales.

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