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Why Knowing Physician Demographics Helps Marketing

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Imagine the benefit as a marketer if you knew exactly what motivated individuals to buy things or to choose one product over another. Being able to tap into the psychological motivators that drive people to act can only be done by compiling huge amounts of data on individuals and developing accurate profiles about their behaviours. While MD Select doesn’t utilize psychology to provide you with great data banks full of information, it does provide an exceptional physician directory.


There are a variety of analytical tools available to sales and marketing teams that allow them to capitalize on the availability of digital data crucial to developing effective marketing campaigns. Knowing as much as you can about your potential targets is the best way to develop solid plans you can present to potential customers in the hope of turning them into customers. Demographic targeting is an exceptional way to segment potential audiences into categories such family size, religion, income and gender. For B2B marketers targeting medical professionals in Ontario, for example, accessing the Ontario physician directory available through MD Select is an exceptional way to mine targeted data on over 91,000 medical professionals currently active in Canada.

Rather than having to conduct massive amounts of research to develop a focused profile on doctors and physicians, a B2B sales rep can simply access a subscription to MD Select to find all kinds of relevant demographic information on individuals in the medical field. This comprehensive physician directory provides users with names, locations, university of graduation, medical speciality and interests, along with other important information on hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. It’s a time saving resource for marketing teams looking to find accurate information to help generate new sales leads and viable prospect lists.

Once marketing professionals get enough data about a particular doctor, physician or medical practitioner, they can start developing specific marketing campaigns and an overall marketing strategy, taking the information found on MD Select to build strategic presentations. MD Select’s data found in the Ontario physician directory and others is constantly being upgraded and refined, so users can be certain the demographic information they’re accessing is current. It is an entirely helpful database that allows B2B marketers and the companies they work for to connect with potential clients much faster. It’s also vital for salespeople hoping to establish credibility with potential clients in the medical profession. The more educated they appear to be about a potential sales lead’s business the better chance they have at making a sale.

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