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Why Your Medical Placement Firm Needs a Reliable Directory

Medical Directory Database
Medical Directory

Post a job opening online these days and watch your inbox get inundated with responses. Thousands of people are looking for work, and the process of hiring is time-consuming. For a medical placement firm, the process is a little different. Active recruitment is the name of the game for placement firms catering to the healthcare industry.  In this environment, it’s vitally important for the medical recruiter to have access to the best medical database. 

Why Current Data Is So Important to Medical Recruiters

Medical recruitment organizations can make the hiring process much easier for organizations, saving them time, effort, and costs while improving the chances of finding the perfect candidate. Having access to a reliable online medical database is a critical benefit for medical placement firms because filling medical positions is usually an urgent matter, especially during a pandemic when medical employees may be stretched to their limit. Gaining access to a medical doctor directory through a subscription service like MD Select gives both recruiters and B2B sales teams information on over 91,000 Canadian medical professionals across the country. The benefits of subscribing are clear:

  • Includes doctors, physicians and nurse practitioners
  • Includes recent medical school graduates
  • Includes access to over 3,000 GPs and specialists that start practices annually
  • Includes hospitals, healthcare associations, and medical bodies. 

Subscribe to Canada’s #1 Recourse for Info on Practicing Physicians

When your medical recruitment firm has been contracted to deliver top-notch physicians and surgeons for a hospital, you need to find the right hire. Finding qualified individuals across the country is easier when you have the ideal reference tool. MD Select includes up-to-date information on thousands of physicians that move every year.  Having accurate data is vital to a recruiter’s efforts; MD Select is the perfect reference tool for clinics, hospitals, and insurance companies as well. The information found in the medical doctor directory allows users to do thorough research on individuals being targeted for potential job offers. No matter what the medical specialty or individual competency a recruiter may be looking for in a new hire, they can find it by searching through the database.  

The last thing any recruitment firm wants is to spend days and weeks preparing a list of potential candidates for the vacancy they’re trying to fill only to find the information they had on individual doctors was wrong or that they misjudged the candidate based on their resume. Medical recruitment agencies can benefit from the clean, regularly-updated data found on the MD Select platform. It is truly the best medical database available and remains a reliable and efficient tool to assist recruitment firms in finding the best candidates. With a subscription to MD Select, any firm hoping to hire healthcare industry professionals can access a database of over 91,000 active workers across Canada.

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