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MD Select is an online platform that offers subscribers endless access to a key tool designed for B2B marketers targeting the medical industry: good, clean data. Like any organization operating in the digital age, for MD Select to function optimally it needs to ensure offering clients quality data is a foundational principle of operation. No where is this more evident than in the data available in the MD Select physician database.


There are all types of data relevant to the operation of a business. There’s product data, financial data, vendor and partner data, economic data, HR data, marketing data and much more. Despite recognizing the importance of quality data, many companies fail to address the systematic problems that create data errors. To maximize operational efficiency and success, companies have to avoid problems with data. Here are a few ways those problems can occur:

  • Lack of standardization in data entry. All data errors start somewhere. Companies with multiple people working at multiple locations can often be out of sync when it comes to uploading and inputting data. An employee in the U.S. could be entering measurements in gallons while a company employee could be entering measurements in litres. Once these errors are in the system, the data is essentially corrupted and problems will occur. For our physician database Canada, MD Select ensures all proper protocols are followed when inputting data to ensure consistency, accuracy and relevancy
  • In an Ontario directory of physicians, duplicate data could cause a major problem for subscribers. In a database full of duplicate data, a user conducting a search for “family physicians” could generate a huge list of leads, only to find out later that many of those leads are duplicates. Thinking you have thousands of qualified leads but ending up with only hundreds could be cause for frustration for any subscriber. Unhappy subscribers tend to cancel poor services.
  • Invalid data is a time killer, and time is money. B2B reps who go down the long path of following leads only to find out that lead is invalid have just wasted valuable time. MD Select updates data in the physician directory regularly so users can be confident in the data they’re searching. This is critical for prospecting and lead generation activities. For it to be truly effective a digital physician database Canada has to contain valid data, and our MD Select platforms offers a large variety of data fields in each of more than 91,000 profiles of professionals working in the medical industry. It’s the primary reason why MD Select is the #1 online medical database in Canada.


The revenue loss caused by relying on bad data can be substantial. It can also decrease the efficiency of your employees. Relying on a platform where data is constantly collected, merged and verified is critical. That’s why smart marketers in the healthcare and medical field use MD Select.

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