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Compete with top medical manufacturers
Canadian doctors directory
As a manufacturer or provider of medical equipment, supplies, and products to Canada’s healthcare industry, staying ahead of the competition can be a challenge. Companies targeting the medical industry know that it’s a lucrative sector, and competing with top medical manufactures requires capacity and capital. Big pharma has big money to spend,...
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Significance of Eliminating Common Medical Database Myths
medical directory
Medical opinions are just that – opinions. What’s important in the healthcare industry are facts, verified, accepted facts. While opinions can be helpful, you want actions to be driven by facts. The same can be said about choosing the right medical database. There are many opinions about the available platforms and even more myths. Eliminating ...
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Reaching your target audience with a medical database
Canadian medical directory
In the midst of a pandemic, there is one industry that’s busier than ever. Canada’s healthcare industry and its frontline workers across the country are doing their best to reduce the impact of the Corona-19 virus. When you’re a B2B sales rep targeting healthcare professionals during a national medical crisis, you’ve got a consider all your...
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How AI is Empowering Sales & Marketing Teams
physician directory
Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping not only industries but also the jobs being done within them. The medical sector has always played a leading role in incorporating intelligent tools to improve efficiency and drive innovation. For organizations whose B2B sales efforts are targeting medical professionals, discovering how to incorporate AI in...
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