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Keeping the Focus on Lead Generation and Sales
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B2B sales in the medical industry require strong leads, just like businesses in other sectors. Traditional advertising and word-of-mouth referrals may help in building an excellent online reputation. But companies cannot survive only on these practices. Healthcare sales lead generation and marketing require strategic and customer-centric approac...
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The Importance of a Robust Lead Generation Strategy | MD Select
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Lead generation has created quite a buzz amongst marketers and business owners. As popular as it might be getting, its efficiency still depends on coming up with a robust, comprehensive strategy. How is a lead generation strategy created? How can lead generation companies help transform the way businesses sell their products and services, especiall...
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Make Your Pitches to Doctors Successful with these Tips
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For a pitcher to be successful in baseball, he or she must be able to adapt each pitch to the target at the plate, have a variety of pitches in the arsenal to address all situations, and have a controlled delivery that lands in the strike zone more often than not. Being a B2B sales rep pitching to medical professionals requires similar skills, espe...
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5 Ways You Can Improve Healthcare Sales
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healthcare sales lead generation
Your goal as a sales professional is to adhere to the ABCD principle: Always Be Closing Deals. That’s especially true when targeting the medical and healthcare industry, which is highly lucrative but extremely challenging to maneuver given how difficult it can be to reach your potential prospects. Here are some great tips you can use to improve y...
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