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Lead Generation Errors To Avoid

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Lead generation is one of the primary activities of B2B selling. Getting signatures on contracts is vital to actually generating sales, but finding potential prospects is equally important given the fact that a good conversion rate for B2B sales is only five to seven percent. That means at much as 95 percent of your effort doesn’t wind up with a sale, and that can be frustrating. Avoiding errors is even more important for B2B reps in the process of healthcare lead generation.


Every sales professional goes through a period of struggling when it comes to keeping business in the funnel. Medical lead generation is an even greater challenge despite the lucrative nature of selling to the medical and healthcare industry. You may already be executing a multi-platform marketing strategy that includes content marketing, inbound and outbound marketing and cutting-edge social media strategies but still be struggling with lead generation. Here are a few ways you could be hindering your healthcare lead generation success:

  • Lack of knowledge about your intended targets. You need to clearly identify who your target audience is for your medical products and/or services and understand what motivates them. Utilizing your MD Select database, you can focus in on a very specific target audience that serve as primary targets for whatever it is you’re marketing. Knowing who you’re targeting can help you optimize your medical lead generation effort
  • Content marketing can be a great healthcare lead generation tool, but only if you’re using it effectively. That means whoever is creating your content needs to build in mechanisms for email list generation so you can engage with whoever is viewing your content
  • If your website is not fully optimized you may not register when healthcare professionals are conducting organic searches for your particular products and service. Before you ever connect with a prospect chances are they’ve already been conducting research of your own. If you’re hoping your site generates traffic, make sure you look at landing page optimization featuring a strong key-word strategy
  • To inspire action you have give potential prospects a clear indication why they should act. Take a good look at your call-to-action to ensure you’re turning visitors into leads and leads into sales.
  • Demanding too much from people. A common mistake marketers make is asking too much in your opt-in forms. You want your visitors to agree to opt-in to receiving your information so make it easy for them to do so. Don’t ask for too much information; all you really want is permission to include them in your lists, whether it’s to receive email marketing materials or a newsletter. Remember the K.I.S.S. principle.
  • Never undersell your benefits. People are looking to your product or service to provide solutions to their problems. Make sure you’re clearly articulating the benefits and brand attributes.


We’ve given you great examples of what not to do. Now here’s what all marketers and sales teams targeting the medical industry should do. Subscribe to MD Select to get access to profiles on over 91,000 professionals working in Canada’s medical and healthcare industry. Start generating leads and increasing sales.

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